Mollie The Sunflower

Amy Dietrich / October 31, 2019

Do You Dress Your Dog?

Growing up, I always had a dog. My childhood dog, Missy, was a miniature schnauzer. Missy led to Bridgette, led to Max, led to Samantha, led to Ace, led to Max Jr, and finally led to Mollie. All miniature schnauzers.

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hardest dog breed quiz

Amy Dietrich / October 30, 2019

The Hardest Dog Breed Quiz Ever?

I was having fun making this. This is a 10 question quiz featuring some of the least known dog breeds, but it’s anything but simple. Can you score a 10?

For the first person to email me a screenshot of the final screen with a 10, I’ll send a $10 Petco gift card.

Update – we have a winner! Nice job, Colleen P. Gift card has been sent to your email.

Smiling Dog

Kay D'elle / September 25, 2019

Is My Dog Smiling?

If we were to ask our friends and family if they think their dog smiles, I’m sure every dog lover would say, “Yes, of course dogs smile.” Perhaps they have even seen their dog do so. As an owner of a beautiful, white Siberian Husky, Echota, I’d say that there are times where she seems to be gleaming with happiness from ear to ear during our walks, and when I come home from work; she must be smiling! But do dogs really smile?

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Me and my Chihuahua-Labrador

Guest Post / September 24, 2019

Rico from Puerto Rico

In September 2017, Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico were devastated by a deadly category 5 hurricane named Maria. At the time, Puerto Rico faced the ethical worriment of an overabundance of stray dogs invading their islands. One in particular known as “Dead Dog Beach” is located in one of their poorest communities, where abused and abandoned dogs are left to perish. Sadly enough, thousands of these malnourished, homeless pups were wiped off the beaches by the intense rains and floodings of Maria. Fortunately, the Sato Project was founded in 2011 to help provide veterinary services to the impoverished municipality’s stray dogs and evacuated over 1,600 dogs to safety. Read More


Amy Dietrich / August 26, 2019

Review: Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy

In my 25 years of dog ownership, a lot has changed.

I brought home Max Sr as a 8 week-old puppy and placed him in his crate the first night. He howled and whined the entire night. After speaking to my vet the following day, I was given the recommendation of placing a small desk clock or other analog clock with a towel wrapped around it to mimic a mama dog’s heart beat. He also advised to play soothing music.  This worked.

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Training your puppy

Amy Dietrich / July 12, 2019

When Should You Start Training Your Puppy?

Different dogs have different intelligence levels. Just like humans. Some dogs are a bit, ahem, ‘sharper’ in their earlier months. Some are simply the opposite. But generally, I find that six months old is about the time average puppies start to respond to conditional training. That is, training that uses a repeated reward system to build upon their memory.

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