About Woofster

Amy Dietrich / November 23, 2018

I enjoy sharing good stories and products. So, this site is half product reviews, and half blog posts. Any item I review is purchased from Amazon or another store for my personal use with my dogs. I have used everything I review. There are affiliate links on this site, but they do not influence my views. These are products I feel strongly about, one way or another.

My hope is to give everyone some wonderful tips, introduce some new products, and warm the heart with our stories!

I do accept guest posts if the content is good and not of a spammy nature! I’d love to share your thoughts with my readers! If you want to submit a guest post, please use the same contact form.

The Pack

Max – 14 y/o, purebred, champion sired miniature schnauzer rescued from a Craigslist ad.  The most gentlemanly dog ever created although now in his senior years is slightly ornery.  Responds to flashes of light and stomps…he is deaf (TECA in 2012).

Ace – estimated to be 13 y/o miniature schnauzer, possibly mixed with a little poodle; adopted from local animal shelter.  Responds to Woofster (because of his incessant barking), Boog, Boogie, Goof, Goofy and Acehole. The goofiest dog that’s ever owned me. Is triggered by bubbles. He has many nicknames, with one being Woofster!

Mollie –  new puppers in the household as of 11/7/18.  Responds to just about anything but have been calling her Molly Meatball, Meatball, Hot Ta-mollie

Max Sr – angel Doggo and Heart dog to Amy.