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Short on space? Check out Primetime Petz’ Dog Crates.

Amy Dietrich / January 21, 2019

When we were a family of three plus two dogs and a cat living in a small townhouse, space was of the essence. I didn’t really want to keep the dogs in crates in the unfinished basement, but we really didn’t have room anywhere else for their crates.

Enter Primetime Petz.  They have a line of wooden pet crates that double as furniture, an end table to be exact. They are a little pricey, but their functionality and appearance are well worth it. This is the one we own. It’s 33″ deep, 21″ wide, and 24″ tall:

We literally used this as our end table. Friends didn’t even realize this was a dog crate. We’ve since bought a larger house, so it’s just being used as a standard kennel in our dog room. Form and function! We leave the doors to this crate open and sometimes our dogs still choose to lay in there. (Granted, we have comfy orthopedic dog beds in them.)

Be aware… these are made of wood. If your dog is a chewer, he/she can (and probably will) chew this up. Also, puppies and senior dogs that have accidents? You may want to put down a puppy training pad. There is no removable tray.

The wooden dog crates do arrive disassembled, but I had no problem assembling them myself. It might have taken 20 minutes per crate/end table.

I’ve been nothing but pleased with the Primetime Petz’ End Table Kennel.

Primetime Petz End Table Kennel





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