Kong Classic

Review: Kong Classic Dog Toy

Amy Dietrich / July 16, 2019

A couple of days ago I endorsed the Kong Goodie Bone. It is a spin on the original Kong Classic chew toy. This rubber dog toy is a staple, being on the market for decades. It is easily one of the best dog chews for aggressive chewers.

While it’s not in my top five (see this post for my five toughest dog chew toys), it’s a classic. The shape is, well, a little kinky looking for sure. Having these laying around the house might get a few raised eyebrows from guests. But it’s perfect for different sized jaws. It’s a great fetch toy that any dog can pick up and return. And it’s durability is perfect for keeping dogs engaged for a while.

It’s a perfect puppy toy too. Your puppy has an instinctual need to chew, and this toy gives enough of a fight to keep your focused while you take some time for yourself. The product packaging says it also helps to clean teeth and soothe gums, so that’s an added bonus.

If you wanted, you could put some Easy Treat paste inside the Kong Classic, but I have yet to try this product. I’m sure peanut butter works just fine – just make sure you’re dog is on a hardwood floor. Much, much easier to clean – take it from experience! I’ve even put the Kong through the dishwasher without any issues.

The only downside is this toy doesn’t really float. If you wanted to use it in your pool, assuming you have a water-loving pooch, it will sink to the bottom fairly quickly. But we’ve used it at the beach with the crashing waves. Haven’t lost it yet.

If you’re looking for a product that is attractive to your dog, will last a while, and has a great price, Kong Classic is… well, a classic!

KONG Classic Dog Toy