February 5, 2019

Smiling Dog

If we were to ask our friends and family if they think their dog smiles, I’m sure every dog lover would say, “Yes, of course!” I’d say that there are times where my own dog seems to be gleaming with happiness from ear to ear during our walks, and when I come home from work. But do dogs really smile? It’s not as easy to answer as you may think.

January 27, 2019


Max is my 14-year-old craigslist miniature schnauzer. When he entered my life, he was 7 years old. The story that the “free to go home” family gave me was that their teenage daughter had a baby and having a dog was too much for them. However, they also had a giant schnauzer and a golden…

December 13, 2018

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The idea of a new puppy warms your heart. But when the new puppy arrives, you’re quickly reminded just how much work these teething little dogs really are. They can’t be left alone or you’ll have puppy teeth marks in all sorts of random household objects. Chew toys for puppies come in all shapes and…