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Review and Buy: Dog Trolleys

Amy Dietrich / October 13, 2020

2 min read

One of the best things we own is a dog trolley. When we moved into our home a couple years ago and there was an overhead dog run already attached. It’s a large 1.5 acre yard, so it makes perfect sense why the previous owners installed one of these systems. The dog trolley allows our pups to run, but not “run off”.

Here are a few aerial dog runs and “zip line” systems from different stores:

Price Depends on Product

I hadn’t ever seen a dog trolley before. I wasn’t even aware it was called a dog trolley until the previous owners explained it. The system is made from strong galvanized steel cable that you run between two posts or trees, like a zip line, creating an overhead tie out that allows your dog to run along the cable freely. For us, it is bolted to an existing post on our front porch, and extends all the way down to a sturdy tree at the end of our property line. Each day when we put the dogs out, we simply attach two leashes that hang off the main cable and let them run free.

You may think your dog can get whiplash or hurt itself if it tries to run further than the leash connected to the pulley can extend. Luckily, your dog is safe. Most cable runs are built with a spring system. This allows the leash to give a little when your dog over extends the cable while running, softening the blow just enough to keep your pup from injuring themselves. Most dog communities praise dog trolleys and claim they’re one of the most humane tie out options.

Our two dogs love to run. Well to be honest, our young puppy loves to run. But our senior dog seems to like the little spurts of excitement when the puppy gets the zoomies. Since our older dog is starting to suffer with dementia a bit, this dog trolley allows him to still be outdoors and explore all the smells, without fear of him wandering off.

The dogs love it. The pulley never gets stuck. The cable is strong. It’s a perfect invention!