March 6, 2019

Elevated Dog Bowl

Review – Dogit Elevated Dog Bowl

I’ve heard mixed thoughts on elevated pet bowls. On one hand, it’s good for older dogs, so they don’t have to bend down to get food as well as taller dogs for the same reason. On the other hand, it’s not good for dogs because it can be a factor in stomach bloat. I’ve been through this emergency – it’s terrifying.

My parents have had five Boxers in their lifetime. They have fed them from elevated bowls since they were fully grown with no ill effects. (The elevated bowl system that they use is also a food storage container that offers air- tight storage to keep food fresh, so this is a plus. In case you’re curious, this is what they use.

The above system would be too large for my miniature schnauzer, so I went with the Dogit Elevated Dish. It’s two pieces, an elevated black stand (which technically you could use as a bowl) and a stainless-steel bowl. The nice thing about that is you can use other stainless-steel bowls if you are a frequent washer like I am.

Does it work? Yes. My 14-year-old Schnauzer loses his balance when he puts his head down to eat. This brings the food closer to him, so he doesn’t have to put his head down. However, when he was eating dry food, we did have a stomach bloat scare while using this product. The vet did mention that elevated bowls can play a part in stomach bloat. Max has since been switched to a wet food diet and I no longer have that concern for him.  Meaning, even with that scare, I still use the bowl for his comfort.

Would I recommend an elevated bowl for dry food? No. Would I recommend an elevated bowl for dogs that “inhale” their dry food?  Definitely not. But for water and wet food I would recommend an elevated bowl.

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