November 21, 2018

Gorilla Chew

Review: Gorilla Chew Natural Wood

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Meet Buddy.

He is an unruly 2 year old Boxer, giver of hugs and bruises. He is also a destroyer of bones.

The above pictures show the remains of several Nylabone Galileo bones.  Billed as their “Power Chewer” bone, these bones are made of nylon. It takes him about 6 months to chew it to this point, however, he ingests the nylon shavings and although Nylabone states it’s harmless, I was looking for something healthier, better… longer lasting.

I found it.

Gorilla Chew by Ware Pet Products is a natural hard wood that doesn’t smell or stain. It looks like a big chunk of meat, but it’s not. I’m always worried about the things my dogs chew on, but wood isn’t a material that gives me concern.

I bought Buddy this for Christmas 2017.  He chews on it as much as he chewed on the Galileo but with a fraction of the wear. Best of all, instead of nylon, he’s ingesting wood. The wood doesn’t splinter, it more or less turns into crumbles or chunky saw dust.  Below are pictures of the Gorilla chew after almost 12 months of chewing.

I will definitely buy these again when the time comes to replace the two I purchased almost a year ago. I will also update how long it takes Buddy the Destroyer to need a new Gorilla Chew.

Gorilla Chew Natural Wood




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