Review: Perma Retractable Gate

Amy Dietrich / July 8, 2019

This past summer we turned our deck into a zen-like retreat for my husband and myself. Complete with Buddha statue and soft lighting. We wanted our dogs to enjoy it too.

Our house is situated next to a state route and while not heavily traveled, those that do travel it rarely keep the speed limit. Our yard isn’t fenced and while we have a trolley-runner for the dogs in front of the house, behind the house is nothing. I wish I could say that our dogs were trained enough to stay on the deck, but they aren’t.

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I started a search for a gate that would not be too bulky but serve its purpose of keeping the dogs safe and on the porch. I was looking for a retractable gate because the deck has two sets of stairs that are different widths.  

I chose the Perma Child Safety Extra Tall Outdoor Retractable Gate. They offer two height sizes, 33” and 39.4”.  I went with the 39.4”, not because my dogs need it, but that it would be as tall as the railing on my deck. They also offer three different color options which is awesome. I was able to get a color to match our Zen theme.

With Amazon Prime they arrived in 2 days and I went right to work installing them. They were very easy to install, however the first one I installed didn’t quite match up (even with the provided template) and I needed my husband to fix it. Installation took under 20 minutes and the dogs were brought out to inspect.

Overall, this was a good purchase. When open, they are completely out of the way and not noticeable.  When closed, they are made of mesh so wind can go through them. They complement the décor on our deck. I’m very happy with them and have considered purchasing some for inside our home.

Things to note:

The gates take two hands to close, especially if it is a wider area.

I do not have dogs that will push against or try to get by this gate so I cannot attest to this working for all. These gates have only been tested on our adult dogs. We now have a puppy so I will provide an update once she interacts with these gates.

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